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 Our Company


Brooklyn Driving School, Inc. opened for business in April of 1981.  Owner Donato Pinto and his wife Antonia, worked endless hours to build their beloved school destined for success.  Brooklyn Driving School became a school of "FIRST'S".
 Always ahead of his time, it was Donato who created the method of Motorcycle Instruction (with the radio's and the speakers in the helmets) that we still use today.  We are the first and only school ever to teach using this method!  Through the years,  it has proven to be THE BEST  way to effectively teach people how to safely ride a motorcycle.  Accordingly, he taught himself how to use computers and managed to develop the first computerized 5 Hour Class presentation.  
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Keeping a respectable reputation, and providing a good service always came easy because they loved their job and always cared about their students.  Donato always said, "The best form of advertising is through word of mouth.  Do good for people and you will always be busy".  His words of wisdom  have been passed down to his children. Today, the second generation is keeping the same work ethic.  Donato's daughter Lucy and her husband Phil Ragusa have continued to carry on the same family traditions.  "We really like it when we get students who's parents took lessons with us years ago. It lets us feel like we're part of their family".  
Since the beginning, we have taught the mainstream "automatic" vehicle.  Also, we were one of the first- & we continue being one of the few, who teach "stick shift".  Our most popular vehicle of choice, has been and will always continue to be, "motorcycles".  "It's an honor when people take the time to come from all parts of New York to take lessons with us.  The dedication on their part shows us that they believe in the quality of our instruction. Your dedication is sincerely appreciated."  Recently, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of our customers by introducing "Scooter"  lessons, as well as  "CDL,B-P".  
"We look forward to having you become a part of our driving family too!"
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Our Business Philosophy


Our mission has always been to provide the best quality driving instruction possible.  Nothing makes us happier than
to see our students' smiling faces when they pass their Road Test! 
Our instructors are college trained, professional, and friendly. Moreover, they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable,
and teach you everything you need to know about driving.  Our goal is to have each student become a safe, responsible, defensive driver!
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